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Stage Rules, Body Language & Self-Presentation

Let‘s learn how actors can take over and play any role and how we can use their methods to sharpen our self-presentation!
In a very interactive session (don‘t worry, there won‘t be many PowerPoint slides) we will explore together…
… why we perceive some people as charismatic and others as lame…
… what specific aspects are leading us to being impressed or feeling petty for people’s self-presentation…
… how to apply these status signals in conversations and interactions to steer our counterparts.
… in which situations to apply which status signals – sometimes it‘s better to act a bit more devote.

The less hangover you act, the better and more interactive the session 😉

Looking forward to an amazing working session with you guys!

Felix from HHC

Briefly about me: During my MBA @ WHU I took multiple courses in exactly this topic which I will guide you through in a compact less-than-3-hour workshop. During my 3 years as a full-time international project manager, afterwards 1,5 years as the head of an IT department as well as three years in the management board of Heinrich Heine Consulting e.V. I applied and sharpened my learnings in practice.


Info: Dieser Workshop wird in deutscher Sprache gehalten.

Referenten: Felix Mausberg

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