Workshop Details

Digital & IT Strategy Development Challenge

The Situation:

It’s Tuesday evening and your Partner receives a call from a CIO of an international client from the pharmaceutical industry.As the organization is currently undergoing an organizational redesign, the Board of Directors asked your client to prepare anew Digital & IT strategy until Wednesday Lunch time. Your client needs your help to prepare an initial proposal within the next 2 hours.

Your Task:

  • Development of a high-level Digital & IT Strategy based on a real-life client situation
  • Status Quo Analysis of the current situation and needs of a specific client in a selected industry
  • Preparation of a C-level decision paper seeking for buy-in into your proposed strategic option
  • Short Business Pitch (approx. 5 –10 minutes) incl. visualization of the developed strategy

What’s in it for You?

  • Spring into daily KPMG CIO Advisory project tasks and client requests
  • Insights into actual Business challenges and Pitch preparation
  • Skills in presentation, critical thinking, design thinking, story telling and customer orientation
  • Learning how to deal with short time frames and delivery deadlines
  • Networking with IT Strategy Consultants

What should You bring with You?

  • Motivation and curiosity in digital business, technology market trends and IT innovation topics
  • Open-minded mentality and willingness to collaborate in a diverse team of young digital experts


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